[Gift Code] IDLE GOG mới nhất 08/2022

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Game IDLE GOG được phát hành bởi Gamewinner thuộc thể loại Card. Game được đánh giá 4.5 sao bởi 8,056 người chơi.

Game dành cho lứa tuổi 12+. Game IDLE GOG có 100,000+ lượt tải. Phiên bản mới nhất 1.1.50 cập nhật February 24, 2022.

Phanmem360 – PM360 tặng bạn Gift Code IDLE GOG mà chúng tôi tổng hợp được trong ngày 8/08/2022. Hy vọng sẽ giúp bạn thuận lợi hơn khi chơi IDLE GOG.

Gift code IDLE GOG mới nhất.

  • PM3603254C664F
  • PM36025A53B3E3
  • PM360319F41E3B
  • PM360434DC3E74
  • PM36017E406705
  • PM36021E869F5B
  • PM36023FFEEE53
  • PM36026E7F6B79
  • PM3603789AD670
  • PM3601F1EDCBC8
  • PM36019FF36A70
  • PM36023D0949F3
  • PM36020A023D25
  • PM36012AF5D724

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Gift code IDLE GOG vĩnh viễn.

  • PM3603DFC94BB0
  • PM3601338DC7D3
  • PM3603AFA83169
  • PM36017B806406
  • PM360ABCBFA75
  • PM36017E6ADE4F
  • PM3604D4ACDDF2
  • PM36022090CF6C
  • PM3603E668EC59
  • PM3601893DD233
  • PM360223B4923E
  • PM36019A092E9A
  • PM3604D9C8BCE9
  • PM3601FA6BA9AC
  • PM3601EA5ACCFA

Gift code IDLE GOG tân thủ.

  • PM3602DEF73EC1
  • PM360432F2F032
  • PM3603B2F98B37
  • PM3601AACFE879
  • PM360378813655
  • PM3604D6E820C8
  • PM36034F7ED119
  • PM360484A36DE0
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  • PM3602FE63D36C
  • PM360181878A20
  • PM360491E14453

Gift code IDLE GOG sự kiện.

  • PM36026A2C3589
  • PM3601809FD1A6
  • PM360680AE06
  • PM360495B555FF
  • PM3604BF2E4D65
  • PM3603CA9C1BDD
  • PM360459895947
  • PM3603AB4D5A92
  • PM36014CC645DB
  • PM3604379F465F
  • PM360FD348B1E
  • PM360E8549075
  • PM360484B147EF
  • PM3604B02C57B7
  • PM360495A74B41

Hướng dẫn cách nhập Giftcode IDLE GOG.

Bước 1: Vào trang chủ IDLE GOG

Bước 2: Truy cập vào nơi nhập giftcode IDLE GOG

Bước 3: Nhập gift code IDLE GOG

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Cách hack IDLE GOG.

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Bước 1: 

Bước 2: 

Bước 3: 

Giới thiệu IDLE GOG.

“IDLE GOG” is an exploration game that will take you to the other side of the magical world. When the spell was cast, Heroes rose and slaughtered all the demons. Enter the fantasy world and turn into a world savior! Complete the stages and conquer the valley of darkness to gain super power.

◇ All Heroes united and explored the Abyss – Heroes rose and destined to win. When strangers come, the lost world will open!

◇ A group of low level heroes summons Super Hero – Keep training and become an Advance Hero, summon Elite Hero. Lead the mightiest team to the temple!

◇ Various gameplay, no longer boring – Genie Lamp, Eternal Abyss, Zodiac, Boss Challenge. Change as you wish, combine popular Heroes.

◇ Cultivate unique strategies to improve battle power – Hero formation, attribute matching, and hidden strength! Formulate the pre-war strategy for a brilliant counter attack!

◇ Get idle rewards easily – Auto-battle when idle, AFK gets lots of rewards! Online for 5 minutes a day to get free bonuses!

Tính năng mới của IDLE GOG.

Product OptimizationsFixed other known bugs

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