[Gift Code] MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG mới nhất 03/2024

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Game MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG được phát hành bởi HitGrab Game Studio thuộc thể loại Role Playing. Game được đánh giá 3.6 sao bởi 8,891 người chơi.

Game dành cho lứa tuổi Everyone. Game MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG có 100,000+ lượt tải. Phiên bản mới nhất 1.121.0 cập nhật April 11, 2022.

Phanmem360 – PM360 tặng bạn Gift Code MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG mà chúng tôi tổng hợp được trong ngày 4/03/2024. Hy vọng sẽ giúp bạn thuận lợi hơn khi chơi MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG.

Gift code MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG mới nhất.

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Bước 3: Nhập gift code MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG

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Cách hack MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG.

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Giới thiệu MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG.

The Kingdom of Gnawnia needs MouseHunters! Choose from dozens of unique mousetraps with their own elements and powerups. Arm your trap with magical cheese from all over the world, and end Gnawnia’s pest problem – one hunt at a time!

MouseHunt is an award-winning Idle Adventure RPG you can play anywhere, anytime. Check your trap throughout the day (and secretly while at work) or join friends and hunt together.


Your trap will passively catch mice for you every hour, all day and night, or sound the Hunter’s Horn to begin a hunt every 15 minutes. Friends adventuring with you can also sound the Horn on your behalf; hunting is always easier in teams!

And that’s not all! MouseHunters also enjoy

● Over a thousand ridiculous, fantastical mice to catch, from the mundane Grey mouse to fire-breathing dragon-mice and much more!
● Dozens of unique locations spanning the depths of the Sunken City to the Floating Isles, each with its own ecosystem, puzzles, and progression to explore.
● Hundreds of trap combinations. Mix and match trap types and baits to catch different breeds of mice.
● Frequent community and seasonal events, quests, and minigames. There’s always something new to explore.
● An incredible player community of hunters, traders, and cheesemongers to play, trade, and swap hunting tips with!

Check back every 15 minutes for a new surprise! Can you rise to the challenge and be a Legendary MouseHunter?

Tính năng mới của MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG.

Revamped the heads up display user interface for the Town of Gnawnia.

Hình ảnh Game MouseHunt: Massive-Passive RPG.

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