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Game RaceCraft – Build & Race được phát hành bởi Budge Studios thuộc thể loại Racing. Game được đánh giá 4.3 sao bởi người chơi.

Game dành cho lứa tuổi . Game RaceCraft – Build & Race có 5M+ lượt tải. Phiên bản mới nhất cập nhật Nov 17, 2021

Phanmem360 – PM360 tặng bạn Gift Code RaceCraft – Build & Race mà chúng tôi tổng hợp được trong ngày 8/06/2023. Hy vọng sẽ giúp bạn thuận lợi hơn khi chơi RaceCraft – Build & Race.

Gift code RaceCraft – Build & Race mới nhất.

(Cập nhật 8/06/2023)

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    Gift code RaceCraft – Build & Race vĩnh viễn.

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  • Gift code RaceCraft – Build & Race tân thủ.

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  • Gift code RaceCraft – Build & Race sự kiện.

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  • Hướng dẫn cách nhập Giftcode RaceCraft – Build & Race.

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    Bước 3: Nhập gift code RaceCraft – Build & Race

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    Cách hack vàng, kim cương RaceCraft – Build & Race.

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    Giới thiệu RaceCraft – Build & Race.

    Don’t you wish you could build your own crazy stunt courses? Now you can with RaceCraft! Drive like thunder on your light-powered tracks in the universe’s coolest cars. Time to put your crafting and racing skills to the test! Do you have what it takes to be a RaceCraft champion?

    • BUILD tons of spectacular racetracks, perfect for high-speed action!
    • CUSTOMIZE endlessly with epic jumps, twisty loops, rattling rails and much more!
    • PAINT your course’s terrain with slippery water splashes, bubbling lava or messy mud!
    • BOOST your track’s Light Power by building the most creative courses!
    • COLLECT Sparks along the way and get awesome rewards!

    • BLAST off at blazing speed on your own light-powered tracks!
    • RACE in either “1-Player” or “2-Player” mode to challenge a friend!
    • TAP the green button as fast as you can to get going at high speed!
    • FUEL your boost to blast your way to victory!
    • UPGRADE your cars with awesome skins, studded tires, solid shields and much more!

    Budge Studios™ takes children’s privacy seriously and ensures that its apps are compliant with privacy laws. This application has received the “ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Privacy Certified Kids’ Privacy Seal”. For more information, please visit our privacy policy at: https://budgestudios.com/en/legal/privacy-policy/, or email our Data Protection Officer at: [email protected].

    Before you download this app, please note that it is free to try, but some content may only be available via in-app purchases. In-app purchases cost real money and are charged to your account. To disable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases, change your device settings. This app may contain contextual advertising (including the option to watch ads for rewards) from Budge Studios regarding other apps we publish, from our partners and some third parties. Budge Studios does not permit behavioral advertising or retargeting in this app. The app may also contain social media links that are only accessible behind a parental gate.

    This application is subject to an End-User License Agreement available through the
    following link: https://budgestudios.com/en/legal-embed/eula/

    Budge Studios was founded in 2010 with the mission to entertain and educate children around the world, through innovation, creativity and fun. Its high-quality app portfolio consists of original and branded properties. Budge Studios maintains the highest standards of safety and age-appropriateness, and has become a global leader in children’s apps for smartphones and tablets.

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    We always welcome your questions, suggestions and comments. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

    BUDGE, BUDGE STUDIOS and RACECRAFT are trademarks of Budge Studios Inc.

    RaceCraft © 2019 Budge Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved

    Tính năng mới của RaceCraft – Build & Race.

    Bug fixes. Thank you for playing RaceCraft!

    Hình ảnh RaceCraft – Build & Race .

    Screenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot image

    Nhận xét về RaceCraft – Build & Race

    A good base of a game, but with flaws. I definitely like the concept of building your own tracks, but I would like to 1. Play against other people on their own created tracks. 2. Allow same car choice for local multiplayer so we aren’t FORCED to purchase a new car just to enjoy it with a friend. 3. Facebook connectivity for leaderboards. 4. An option to just test/download community tracks and set record times. I do like the game so far but it definitely needs more to keep people interested. Yep.

    Tìm hiểu thêm
    RaceCraft – Xây dựng y sửa
    Estudios de presupuesto

    5 triệu +
    17 de noviembre de 2021
    Nó không phải là te gustaria poder contruir tus propios cursos de acrobacias locas? Ahora puedes con RaceCraft! Conduce los autos más geniales del universalo como un trueno en tus pistas de luz. ¡Es hora de poner a prueba tus habilidades de creación y carreras! Tienes lo que se necesita para ser un campeon de RaceCraft?

    • ¡CONSTRUYE vô số pistas de carreras espectaculares, hoàn hảo như para la acción de alta velocidad!
    • ¡PERSONALIZATION infinitamente con Saltos épicos, bucles sinuosos, rieles traqueteantes y más!
    • ¡COLOR DALE al terreno de tu recorrido con salpicaduras de agua resbaladizas, nham thạch burbujeante o barro Sucio!
    • ¡MEJORA el poder de iluminación de tu pista creando las pistas más creativas!
    • ¡RECOGE chispas en el camino y Obén grandes rempensas!

    • ¡DESPLAZA tus propias pistas impulsadas por luz a una velocidad vertiginosa!
    • ¡MONTA en el modo de 1 o 2 gandadores para desafiar a un amigo!
    • ¡TOCA el boton verde lo más quicko posible para avanzar a gran velocidad!
    • ¡CREA tu Boost para abrirte camino hacia la victoria!
    • ¡ACTUALIZA tus autos con Disños increíbles, llantas con clavos, escudos sólidos y más!

    Budge Studios ™ se toma muy en serio la privacidad de los niños y se asegura de que sus app cumplan con las leyes de protección de datos. de entretenimiento) khoảng

    Antes de descargar esta aplicación, tenga en cuenta que la prueba es gratuita; cấm vận tội lỗi, es posible que parte del Contenido solo esté disponible a través de compras dentro de la app. La realizar compras dentro de la aplicación Esta aplicación puede cạnh tranh publicidad theo ngữ cảnh (bao gồm la opción de ver anuncios de recmpensas) de Budge Studios en relación con otras aplicaciones que publicamos, de no nuestros cho phép xã hội Studios terceros de re orient aplicación de algunosacación p applyacie container enords de tái tạo xã hội một los que solo se puede acceder con kiểm soát cha mẹ.

    Esta applyación está sujeta a un acuerdo de Licencia de usuario final disponible en
    siguiente enlace: https://budgestudios.com/en/legal-embed/eula/

    Budge Studios se fundo en 2010 con la mision de entretener y giáo dục a los niños de todo el mundo a través de la innovación, la creatividad y la digión La cartera de aplicaciones de alta calidad consta de productos originales y de marca. más altos estándares de seguridad y edad, Budge Studios se ha converttido en un líder mundial en aplicaciones para niños para teléfonos inteligentes y tabletas.

    Truy cập www.budgestudios.com
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    BUDGE, BUDGE STUDIOS và RACECRAFT con trai marcas comerciales de Budge Studios Inc.

    RaceCraft © 2019 Budge Studios Inc
    ¡Giải pháp vấn đề. Cảm ơn vì RaceCraft!
    Hình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantallaHình ảnh de captura de pantalla
    Una buena base de juego, pero con erroros Me gusta el concepto de contruir tus propias pistas, pero me gustaría 1. Competir contra otras personas en sus pistas Personalizadas 2. Permitir la selección del mismo auto para el modo multijugador local para que no no veamos bổn phận a comprar un auto nuevo solo para disfrutarlo con un amigo 3. Connectividad de Facebook cho tablas de clasificación 4. Tùy chọn cho probar / descargar Smoothmente las pistas de la comunidad y establecer juego hasta a réelcord. , pero Deftivamente necesita más para mantener a la gente Featsada.
    Xem chi tiết RaceCraft – Build & Race

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