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Game Starlight Isle-Adventure Tales được phát hành bởi EYOUGAME(USS) thuộc thể loại Role Playing. Game được đánh giá 4.2 sao bởi 6,290 người chơi.

Game dành cho lứa tuổi Everyone 10+. Game Starlight Isle-Adventure Tales có 100,000+ lượt tải. Phiên bản mới nhất 22.0 cập nhật March 22, 2022.

Phanmem360 – PM360 tặng bạn Gift Code Starlight Isle-Adventure Tales mà chúng tôi tổng hợp được trong ngày 21/02/2024. Hy vọng sẽ giúp bạn thuận lợi hơn khi chơi Starlight Isle-Adventure Tales.

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Giới thiệu Starlight Isle-Adventure Tales.

Log in the Game to Get Gear Raid 10x Draw and a Unique title
Continuous Login Grants the Cool Mechanical Shark!

“Starlight Isle the best 3D Anime Fantasy Online Role Playing Mobile AFK Game.

[New Features]
*Servant System
●Players can obtain Servant shards and relevant cultivation materials by completing Polar Trial. A sufficient number of shards can activate a Servant that provides stat and skill buffs.
●A bond exists between some Servants. When you activate certain Servants, you will get bond stat buffs.
●When your Servant completes a specific skill target, its talent skill will level up. Learning general skills can bring you considerable stat bonuses.
●Polar Trial is a source of keys. Using the keys in Servant Spin can get you high-quality Servants, materials, and skill books.

[Game Features]
*3D Free Fantasy Style
Its meticulously-designed 3D model and spectacular map graphics are going to bring you a gaming experience like no other. There are menacing dungeon bosses like dragons to be challenged and epic maps like Black Desert to be explored.

*Graphics and Sound Effects
Please both your eyes and ears with incredibly adorable anime characters matched with lighthearted music. Welcome to a place where your worries can be left behind.

*Powerful God System
● Players can turn into a god upon activation.
●Every god comes with a god skill and can be advanced by consuming corresponding God Souls to get more powerful stat buffs. When your god reaches a certain grade, a mighty talent can be activated. 
● After equipping gods with gear of corresponding types and qualities, you can star them up. If the star-up is successful, the stats of the gear will be permanently attached to the god and the gear itself will disappear.

*Unique Costumes
Various rare mounts are hoping to be your ride. Gorgeous wings, stunning weapons, anime costumes and so much more, just for you! Use them to showcase your distinctive style. Through the rebirth system, you can possess more powerful skills and unlock exclusive avatars.

*Who’s the Strongest?
Compete with warriors and elites from all over the world on various stages provided in the game and see who rises as the ultimate winner. Are you up for the challenge of the multiplayer arena?

*Build a Legacy with Your Guild
A guild can be a second home to many. One that brings them warmth and joy. To protect what’s truly important, you must become fearfully strong! Call out your guildmates and fight for all the glory!

This is an MMORPG that you can’t miss in 2020. What are you waiting for? Jump into this fantasy world with your friends now! Captivating Black Desert, dreadful dragons and enchanting elf await! Embark on this fun journey and begin your tale!
We welcome any questions about the game, feel free to contact us anytime!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EyouStarlightIsle/
Support: [email protected]
Website: https://starlightisle.eyougame.com/

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