[GiftCode] Duels: Epic Fighting PVP Game mới nhất 08/2022

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Game Duels: Epic Fighting PVP Game được phát hành bởi Deemedya INC thuộc thể loại Role Playing. Game được đánh giá 4.4 sao bởi 28,927 người chơi.

Game dành cho lứa tuổi 12+. Game Duels: Epic Fighting PVP Game có 1,000,000+ lượt tải. Phiên bản mới nhất 1.9.1 cập nhật December 6, 2021.

Phanmem360 – PM360 tặng bạn Giftcode Duels: Epic Fighting PVP Game mà chúng tôi tổng hợp được trong ngày 10/08/2022. Hy vọng sẽ giúp bạn thuận lợi hơn khi chơi Duels: Epic Fighting PVP Game.

Gift code Duels: Epic Fighting PVP Game mới nhất.

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Giới thiệu Duels: Epic Fighting PVP Game.

Enjoy a unique fighting gaming experience, Duels is a high energy free action RPG PVP game (1vs1), but with a difference: the unique auto-battle system means anybody can play and fight monsters. Choose your favorite medieval fighter / warrior, use the weapons and prepare for epic multiplayer clan arena battles online!

Magic, might, blood, fire and honor in this fighting RPG PVP free game

Immerse yourself in the medieval game environment. Enjoy the simple but thrilling gameplay, with epic music and 3d graphics. Fight online against millions of other players in competitive leagues. Start creating or join a Clan and become the ultimate Hero!
Want to challenge yourself further? Enter the Dungeons at your peril and fight your way through hordes of cool and dangerous monsters. Don’t you love this type of games?

Unlock chests to access special gear and pulverize your enemies! Use all your strategy skills to access new advanced items and upgrade your character as you progress. Equip your Hero with the best loot, but make sure you choose wisely.

Features of this online action RPG game:

Fight against players and heroes all around the world, team up to become the best clan and be worshiped as your clan HERO in this epic multiplayer fantasy action RPG game full of battles.

Expand your skill set to become more elusive and dangerous. Use special skills like Meteor, Ice wall and poison punches to inflict more damage and defeat the fighters. It’s the art of war.

Unlock hundreds of painful weapons, powerful swords and axes, crazy shields, and cool body armor to outsmart your opponents with unique Duel fight in the battle arena.

Use Fire, Ice, Iron, and Poison attacks to defeat the giant monsters in the Dungeons and Campaigns modes. Beat real players and advance in the different leagues to get better loot and improve your fighter with new magic skills.

Get more news and updates:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DuelsGame
Website: https://www.deemedya.com
For support, feedback, and suggestions about our games: support@deemedya.com

Download Duels for FREE, choose your favorite fighter and enjoy . Are you ready to become a legendary hero warrior? Epic battles, magic, might, blood, fire and honor are waiting for you.

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🎃Halloween special update🎃Introducing a brand new armor only for Halloween, keep an eye out on the next battle pass, it will include some great Halloween special items.

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