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Game Game of Sultans được phát hành bởi Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd. thuộc thể loại Role Playing. Game được đánh giá 4.6 sao bởi 595,911 người chơi.

Game dành cho lứa tuổi Teen. Game Game of Sultans có 10,000,000+ lượt tải. Phiên bản mới nhất Varies with device cập nhật January 19, 2022.

Phanmem360 – PM360 tặng bạn Giftcode Game of Sultans mà chúng tôi tổng hợp được trong ngày 7/07/2022. Hy vọng sẽ giúp bạn thuận lợi hơn khi chơi Game of Sultans.

Gift code Game of Sultans mới nhất.

(Cập nhật 7/07/2022)

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Cách hack kim cương Game of Sultans.

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Giới thiệu Game of Sultans.

You rule the world!
It’s the Ottoman Empire’s golden age, and you’re in charge! As the Sultan or Sultanah, you’re on top of the world — take your place in the royal palace and rule over your empire. Meet gorgeous companions at the Masquerade Ball, manage your court alongside wise viziers, and raise your heirs to continue your incredible dynasty! In this new update, Piyale has organized a Court Pet Pen, and it’s waiting for you to fill it with adorable animals!


Play with Your Furry Friends!
The Court Pet Pen is open now! Play with your loyal pets and send them to explore the wild! Take good care of them, and the bravest will stand by your side and protect the empire!

Romance Gorgeous Companions
Beautiful people travel from all over the world to meet you, but who will win your heart? Choose your soulmate and write your love story!

Raise Your Heirs
What could be better than nurturing your legacy and helping your children grow up to be successful? When they’re old enough, marry them to your friends’ heirs to forge powerful alliances!

Design Your Own Image
Choose your own character image and decorate your profile with fancy Avatars and Frames! Rule your empire in style!

Empower your Viziers
Recruit elite warriors and build your army! Under your strong leadership, your Empire will grow by the day!

Fun Events Every Day
Check out our minigames to increase your power and prestige — with weekly and monthly events, there’s never a dull moment! Have fun competing or teaming up with friends in Dungeon Delve, Fortune’s Favor, Horse Race, Dagger Heroes, Palace Delight, and many more. Every day is a chance to win!

Conquer the World with your Union
Players from all over the world can join your Union! Fight with them for honor and glory!

Super Benefits!
Complete Daily Quests to gain VIP points and level up your game. No purchase required – it’s completely free to play! It’s time for you to take your throne and begin ruling your empire! Download Game of Sultans today!

★Contact us★

Facebook: facebook.com/gameofsultans
Join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gameofsultans
We appreciate your feedback and comments: support_gos@mechanist.com

Tính năng mới của Game of Sultans.

1. New Event: Legend of Empires!Team up with your friends and take part in Legend of Empires. Rich rewards await!2. New Event: Pet Show!Enroll your Pets in the Pet Show, think of the glory they’ll bring!3. New Pets: Seal, Cottontail Rabbit, Alpaka and Panda4. New Chibi images, skins, Chat Bubbles, Avatars, and Avatar Frames!5. Systems were optimized according to player feedback.

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